Frequently Asked

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How can I register and which documents do you require?

You can register from our website quickly and ID or passport is enough.

How do I contact customer support?

You can contact our support team from our website anytime. We're available to help you by phone or e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What deposit/withdrawal methods do you offer?

TradeTIME offers a variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, e-Wallets, Bank Wire transfers, and local payment solutions.

Which assets can I trade with TradeTIME?

TradeTIME offers FX, indices, stock, commodities, and cryptocurrencies to trade.

Which promotions does TradeTIME offer? And how can I benefit from them?

TradeTIME offers Welcome Bonus that you can get up to 200% bonus for each deposit and a Cashback Promotion that you get to pay back a portion of the transaction cost for each trade.

Can I benefit from bonuses offered by TradeTIME on all account types?

Yes, clients are eligible to apply for bonuses on all account types offered by TradeTIME.

Can I change my account type/leverage?

Yes, you can request to change your account type and leverage on your account from the Secure Client Area.

How do I open a live trading account with TradeTIME?

After you register with TradeTIME you can open a live or demo trading account from Secure Client Area. You can find them in the Trader’s Menu, under the Accounts table.

What kind of account types does TradeTIME have?

There are 5 types of accounts; Raw, Standard, Fixed, VIP, Crypto. You can get more information about them under the Trading tab from our website.

Which instruments can be traded on different account types? Are they any exceptions?

No, there aren’t any exceptions. You can trade all instruments offered by TradeTIME on all account types.

Can I be an Introducing Broker and an Affiliate at the same time?

No, you will need to choose one of the two programs. For detailed information and benefits of each program, please refer to the Affiliates and Introducing Broker pages.

How can I join Partnership Programs?

You can register as an Introducing Broker or Affiliate by visiting our website.

What Partnership Programmes are offered?

Affiliate Programme: As an Affiliate, you promote TradeTIME on your website, blog or social media accounts, using the tools we provide to introduce clients to TradeTIME. You will receive a commission based on the number of clients you acquire and their trading activity. Introducing Brokers Programme: As an Introducing Broker (IB), you have the opportunity to expand your business by meeting new clients and referring them to TradeTIME.

Who can be an Affiliate?

The Affiliate Programme is suitable for anyone who has a strong network of online followers, either through a blog, social media platform or website.

Who can be an Introducing Broker?

The IB program is for anyone with a large network of clients looking to expand their business; strategy providers, forex educators, and trainers or regional representatives.

Are my personal details secure with you?

TradeTIME takes serious precautionary measures to ensure that your personal details are held in absolute confidence. Your passwords are encrypted and your personal details are stored on secure servers and cannot be accessed by anyone, except for a very small number of authorized members of staff.

How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by selecting ‘Forgotten Password’ on the login page. Then, we will send instructions for changing your password to the email address you registered.

How do I update my details?

You can upload your documents at the time of your registration. You can also upload documents via TradeTIME Secure Client Area by clicking on 'My Profile' and then 'Upload Documents'.

How is the verification process going?

We start processing your application and, if we have all the information needed and you meet the requirements for a trading account, your application is approved.

What is required to verify my account?

Customers are required to verify their accounts for identification and security purposes in accordance with our customer due diligence process, for example, the verification of your name, date of birth, ID number, phone number, e-mail address, and payment method, etc.

How can I find the specific financial instruments I want to trade?

To display all instruments on our platform, right-click on the Market Watch and choose ‘Show All’.

How can I open a trading account?

You can open a trading account by clicking Open Demo Account or Open Live Account from ‘Accounts’ section on the Secure Client Area.

What trading platforms are available?

We offer the MT5 on various desktop and mobile devices. You can find more information on our MT5 Platform page.

Where can I download and install MT5?

Select the MT5 Platform in the ‘Trading’ section on our website and then you can find download buttons for IOS, Android, and Desktop.

Where can I find my trading account login details?

You can find your trading account number and password in the email you received after opening the account.

Can I still withdraw if I have open positions?

Yes, provided that you have sufficient free margin on your account to cover the withdrawal and any extra fees that may occur.

Can I transfer my funds to another account I have?

You can transfer funds between your accounts from the Secure Client Area without any fee.

How do I deposit funds to my trading account?

You can make deposit by clicking Deposit Funds from the “Funds” section on the Secure Client Area.

How do I verify my payment method?

Funds deposited to your account must originate from a payment method that is in the same name as the TradeTIME trading account holder. Accordingly, we are obliged to verify and ensure that you are the legitimate owner of funds deposited into your account.

How do I withdraw funds from my trading account?

You can withdraw your money by clicking Withdraw Funds from the “Funds” section on the Secure Client Area.